Nico Clareth Leads Siena To Victory Over Fairfield

Nico Clareth Leads Siena To Victory Over Fairfield

Story By: Azarr Johnson

Nico ClarethThe story line coming into the game was how would the Saints fare against the top ranked school in there division (Fairfield), coming off a loss to UAlbany. As the game starte dSiena showed that they came ready to play, with there uptempo play led by Nico Clareth and there crashing the boards from Javion Ogunyemi, which resulted in Siena building a19 point lead 27-8. The closest Fairfield came to the score was when they cut the lead to10 by the end of the period. Once the second half began, Siena started off right where they left off by building the lead back up to 14, but Fairfield did not give up, at the 9:17mark the lead was cut to 5., with Nelson Tyler hitting a three to cut the lead to 2. at the7:18 mark. That would be the closest Fairfield would ever get to the lead, because of the deciding factor, who Nico Clareth, made three plays near the end of the game to create the deciding victory. With 4:47 left Clareth hit a 3pointer with 4:47 left, Steal the ball and build the lead back up to 9 and what finally put the dagger into Fairfield was the foulshot and three pointer , which created a 13 point lead, that Fairfield could not come back from, In the end the Siena came up with a solid victory, but with FGCU, Bucknell andHofstra, they have along journey ahead of them, on;y time well, stay tuned!

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