Hold Up, Wait A Minute!

Hold Up, Wait A Minute!

By: Azarr Johnson

With the 2017 NFL season coming right around the corner, there are many questions heading into the season about many teams and players, but the number one question in alot of peoples minds are the Patriots going to repeat as champions and what team or teams can prevent that from happening. You would think that someone in there division would have the best possible chance, especially considering the fact that they play them twice a year and the main parts like Brady and Bellicheck have not changed, so you have had time to prepare and know what to expect. For whatever reason, the results do not change, I mean you always have some coach or owner, especially in this division make remarks or promises that usually end up backfiring. This brings me to my main point, as every football fan does, I’m watching NFL preview shows leading up to training camp and one team that has slipped under the radar from the messy situation and false promises that were created are the Buffalo Bills. With the recent hiring of former Panthers coordinator Sean McDermott, analysts are speaking like the Bills are going in the right direction, but is it just me or have we seen and heard this story before.

When the Pegulas purchased the Bills, they came in making promises, that they were not looking for excuses and were aiming for championship expectations and nothing less. Well every since that statement was made they ran a coach out of there in Doug Marrone that was developing a rookie quarterback for the future in E.J. Manuel, and had a top 5 defense. To make matters worse they go against the advice of there general manger and hire Rex Ryan, who the GM did not want, and he got rid of the defensive coordinator Jim Scharwtz who had one of the top ranked defenses in the league. Oh but it doesn’t stop there the quarterback they drafted for the future, who the gm picked is now sitting the bench and to make matters worse Ryan comes in and makes Super Bowl promises and boasting about running through New England to do it, before he even gets things started.The Rex Ryan era although had some bright spots, did not live up to the hype, even though all he had was two seasons. Although, there are no excuses and less patience when you make super bowl promises and make predictions about beating the best quarterback and coach in the league. Not only did the Bills look bad on this for the two seasons, Ryan was there, but the aftermath made the organization look like they did not know what they were doing completely. While Ryan was there he fired his offensive coordinator, his defense, what Ryan is known for dropped in the rankings somewhere in the 20’s, after being in the top 5.

To make matter worse, the players complained and that would have been understandable, but the players it was coming from were not creditable.Case in point, Sammy Watkins said they needed a new culture, which I agree. For Watkins sake, it better not be the culture of staying healthy, because clearly he has trouble doing that every season. Marcell Dareus also complained about the defense being difficult to understand and maybe if he wasn’t being suspended for drug violations, then maybe he would have and the bills would have won more games. Of course there is Shady McCoy who also expressed about the changing of the culture in the organization,that change should also include McCoy to stop running his mouth, like every time they play the eagles, who till this day he is still hurt by for trading him.To make matters worse, they fire there GM right after the draft, which makes no sense at all. So let me get this straight since the owners took over with making the promise of bringing a SuperBowl to the city sooner then later, they have already ran two coaches out of there, they don’t have a franchise quarterback and until we see how this pans out, there GM situation is still not looking great and yet and still they feel like they are going in the right direction, we will see, stay tuned!

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