Foles Gold Part Two

Foles Gold Part Two

Written By: Azarr Johnson

When the Chicago Bears started their season, unlike the previous one, they were being looked at by many experts and their fans alike, as a team in the middle of the pack in there division. After the previous season finishing 12-4, the Bears followed the next season 8-8 and it seemed like after that they panicked. In the off season, after the failed project in Jacksonville, the Bears acquired Nick Foles. It was clearly a message to Trubisky, that the clock was ticking on him, just after his third season and the franchise was giving up on him. Although the Bears said the political thing, that the move was to just put a fire under Trubisky, it clearly was a move that Nagy wanted to make and was looking for any reason to make that change. His reason or should I say perfect situation presented itself, when the Bears who were undefeated (2-0) were playing the Falcons and they were trailing 26-10 in the second half, when Nagy made the change.

Even the announcers did not understand the move at the time, but Foles did not disappoint, as he threw for three touchdowns and brought the Bears back as they got the victory 30-26. The Bears would go on after that game, to a record of 5-1, but then lost their next six, before they had to go back to Trubisky, to make a change. Things were so bad, that Nagy called out the players and the coaching staff and then went on to win their next two and they are still in the playoff run.

See what Nagy failed to realize before making that desperate/drastic move to bring Foles in, was he is not the fearless Dougie P and this is not Philly, he was looking to recapture the magic that Foles had in that locker room with the Eagles, which looks bad all around and desperate. To make matters worse the Bears have not yet picked up the option on Trubisky, which is not good, because unlike the Eagles who saw that they made the wrong decision and picked the wrong quarterback. They drafted one for the future and whether they want to believe it or not with the way Hurts is playing Weintz is not getting his job back, no matter who in the locker room is unhappy about it.

The Bears do not have a quarterback of the future and if they do not resign Trubisky, they are either going to have to go into free agency and bring in another quarterback in the locker room or they will have to draft one, either way they will have to restart all over again. As Shannon Sharpe has put it before many times, nobody in that locker room is looking to rebuild and start over again, they are looking to win now. What both coaches and teams have in common, is that they both made bad decisions on Foles, one should have kept him and see how far they could have went with him at the helm. The other brought him in due to panicking and now is going to pay the price if the Bears do not make the playoffs, but one thing is for sure both coaches and GM’s are going to lose their jobs if either team does not make the playoffs, even though their chances are slim. We shall see, stay tuned!


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