UAlbany Great Danes defeats Lafayette 36 – 7

UAlbany Great Danes defeats Lafayette 36 – 7



First Quarter – UAlbany draws first blood opening the game with a 70 yard punt return from #10, Donovan McDonald. The Great Danes remained in control for the rest of the Quarter. On defense at the 12:56 mark UAlbany recovered a fumble from #59 Robert Lachman. On the next drive Undercuffer throws a td pass to Karl Mofo.

Second Quarter – The Great Danes started the quarter successfully, moving the ball down the field. Late in the drive Undercuffler threw a interception to #23 for Lafayette. On the next drive on 3rd and 14, Shoemaker throws an interception at the 7 minute, and 11 seconds mark. Poised, and calm Undercuffler throws a TD pass to #86. The Great Danes remained in control to close a successful half.

Third Quarter – Lafayette finally scored at the 8:44 mark with a 14 yard run from John Gay bringing the score to 7-22 with UAlbany still in the lead. As the quarter began to wind down Undercuffler strikes again with a 3 yard TD pass to Murad Hussain bringing the score to the 29-7.

Fourth Quarter – UAlbany started the quarter with a 14 yard TD pass to Juwan Green. The Great Danes remained in cruise control for the entire quarter.


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