Towson Vs UAlbany (56 -28)

Towson Vs UAlbany (56 -28)

By: Azarr Johnson

Our season is on the line and if we want to be the team we want to be in November, we have to play really damn hard, we didnt like the way we won last week, it didn’t feel good, we didn’t play our brand of football, so we decided to stop worrying about who we were playing and make it about us!” –  Coach Rob Ambrose

The story line going into Saturday’s game other then the fact, that it was Testavede’s son versus Flacco’s brother, was that Towson was coming in on a four game winning streak, 3-0 in the conference and 5-1 overall. The Tigers are looking to continue their winning streak and claim their top spot in the conference. The Great Danes came into their homecoming game looking to rebound from their last loss to William and Mary and stop their two game losing streak, as they sit at the bottom of the conference 0-3 and 2-4 overall record. Before the game begin, Towson came out in warmups looking like they were ready and pumped to play, U-Albany also looked focused and ready to play, but did not have the same energy that Towson had and it showed in the game.

When the game started, the first three drives were three and outs, but on Towsons second drive of the game, they were going three and out and were in position to kick a field goal, but U-Albany Ty Tobias was called for pass interference and it kept the drive going. This resulted in running back Shane Simpson scoring a three yard touchdown run, two plays later, giving them a 7-0 lead. After Towson scored, it did not get any better, as Vinny Testaverde threw an interception on the next drive, which gave Towson three more points and helped them create a 10-0 lead early in the first quarter. U-Albany did not lay down though, as they struck right back with Testaverde completing a 60 yard touchdown pass to Juwan.

Green at the 5:32 mark and went into the second quarter down by three (10-7) The second quarter is when the turning point of the game occurred as UAlbany begin to fall into a hole. Even though they scroed 14 points in the quarter, they also allowed Towson to score 28. With Flacco throwing for two touchdowns, one to receiver Shane Leatherbury, the other to fellow receiver Jabari Allen and Flacco also ran for one also. Once Towson started scoring they never looked back and even though U-Albany was scoring , they were starting to look defeated and it showed the last time the defense took the field. Towson marched right down the field and scored, creating a 24 point lead (38-14), even though U-Albany cut the lead to 17 right before the half, the situation was not going to get better.

Once the second half begin, Towson, picked up right where they left off at, as they scored 18 points in the second half and defensively caused U-Albany to go three and out for most of the half and cause an interception. Towson was playing as if their season was on the line with a 21 point lead in the fourth quarter and they showed it especially in the fourth, as they methodically moved down the field, 12 plays 53 yards in seven minutes and six seconds, converting on fourth down in the red zone to score. As for the Great Danes, UAlbany struggled even more, as they were held scoreless in the third quarter, when Towson scored to build the lead to 49-21, UAlbany sideline looked defeated and they were not playing like their season was on the line. The Great Danes did not score until near end of the fourth quarter, when the game was out of hand 56-28.


With the victory Towson now sits atop of the division 6-1 and have to face a Delaware team who is also looking to gain ground on the top spot, U-Albany on the other hand who with that loss, killed any hopes of making a run at any playoff possibility, have to travel to go play a Maine team that is 4-3 and still playing with hope of getting into the playoffs. U-Albany has nothing more else to play for at this point, but not for pride and end the season with a winning record, which they have not had in two seasons, Saturday will showcase wether the Great Danes, have not giving up or not, stay tuned!


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