San Francisco Mess

San Francisco Mess

By: Azarr Johnson

Oh where do I began, once a franchise that was associated with winning and developing a legacy with five super bowl wins, not to mention the classic rivalries with the Cowboys in the 90’s. The San Francisco 49ers were the it franchise, they were the franchise that a lot of teams modeled themselves after, but like every great franchise, all things must come to an end. Let’s be honest after Green Bay got over the hump by knocking them out of the playoffs in 1996 divisional championship game the franchise has went downhill and rightfully so, with all the obstacles they faced starting over again. Whether it was trying to replace hall of fame franchise players (Steve Young, Jerry Rice), dealing with the T.O. drama, or the Singletary era, smh, the 49ers just could not get over the hump of there selves and it did not seem like the glory days were coming back anytime soon. Then enters the Jim Harbaugh era which led them to 3 NFC Championship games and one Super Bowl appearance, but as ESPN analyst , Stephen A Smith suggest the Dallas Cowboys are an accident waiting to happen, maybe he forgot about the S.F. 49ers. Even with the results that Harbaugh was producing, egos still got in the way between Harbaugh and GM Trent Balke, which led to Harbaugh being ran out of town and the 49ers going back to being a bottom team with a 4-12 record the following season, smh.

Now forward to this season, where its looking like there is more drama coming from this franchise then the soap opera Days of our Lives. As if having an inexperienced coach (Jim Tomsula) last season didn’t teach them anything. The 49ers bring in recently fired Chip Kelly from the Philadelphia Eagles, who alienated himself from the players and destroyed the well built roster (Mike Vick, Lesean McCoy, and Deshaun Jackson etc), due to ego, thinking he can win with his system and not the players. That as you can see did not go well, considering the fact the Eagles could not win the division that was won with an 8-8 record. The players that did survive the Chip Kelly era in Philly are still complaining about his ways out there, but I guess San Fran sees something we don’t, because from the outside looking in it seems like its getting worse then better. Not only does Kelly not have a starting quarterback, he also has a quarterback that does not want to be there, ala Kapernick trying to get traded to the N.Y. Jets or Denver Broncos, but both situations fell through, not to mention there were reports, he lost the locker room and now whether you disagree or not hes bringing in the distraction of not standing for the national anthem. What is interesting about all this, it is only preseason and look at all the drama they are dealing with, not to mention your in a division with two teams that are approaching the season with a Superbowl or bust mentality. The 49ers are going into the season without a starting quarterback at the moment, they have not replaced the players that have left after the Harbaugh era,and they have a coach that ego believes his system and not the players can win games. No disrespect, but this is not the NFC East, 7-9 record will not cut it in this division, but as I stated before maybe the 49ers see something we do not, stay tuned!


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