Connecticut Sun vs Las Vegas Game Recap

Connecticut Sun vs Las Vegas Game Recap

My kids gave me superpowers before I left tonight.

Dwanna Bonner comments post game after her 41 point performance

Connecticut was looking to rebound from the job the Aces did on them the other night. Holding their star player Dwanna Bonner to just five points and pulling out the victory 90-84. When the game started it was definitely a playoff type atmosphere. Both teams played like it was, but the Sun were playing a little harder. Dwanna Bonner who started off the first five minutes of the game with six points. Connecticut set the tone defensively. The Sun started the game with a 12-6 run. 

Midway through the first they continued with a 6-2 run once the game started back. The Sun play was dominant in the first period. They ended the period with a 26-15 lead. Bonner had scored 14 points, and what was most impressive was they held Aja Wilson to just three points. When the second period started the Aces had seemed to respond. The Aces started a run of their own. Scoring five straight points to cut the Sun lead from eleven to six. Forcing Connecticut to call a timeout. After that timeout it seemed like the Sun never looked back. The Aces never could bounce back, by the end the half the Sun were up by 15 (43-28). Bonner at this point of the game had 18 points. Once again defensive presence had prevailed as every Aces starter was held to single digit points.

Once the second half started the Sun picked up right where they left off at. The Sun kept a tight grip on the lead. Midway through the third they were up by 16 (56-40). It just was not the Aces’ night. It just seemed like the Sun were one step ahead of the Aces in every phase of the game. Aces coach Becky Hammond tried everything. She called timeouts to try and slow down/stop the runs. 

Midway through the fourth Coach Hammond had seen enough.She sat her starters and put her bench in. The Sun had finished the game with a 94-77 victory and Bonner who had five points in the game the other night had finished with 41 points. After the game an emotional Bonner had stated “ That nobody outside that locker believed that we could put up the performance me and my team put up tonight. That is why I love this team and those girls in the locker room”. 

When asked about the history between these two teams, how did it feel to give the Aces their first loss of the season. Forward Alyssa Thomas stated “It didn’t matter, it’s just one game, and it is early in the season”.


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