Top-seeded South Carolina Gamecocks advance to Final Four

Top-seeded South Carolina Gamecocks advance to Final Four

SCORE: South Caolina 70-58 Oregon St.
LOCATION: MVP Arena, Albany, NY

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The undefeated Gamecocks move to 36-0 and will head to their fourth consecutive Final Four. During the first half the Gamecocks was scoring collectively as a team. Whereas the Beavers where one dimensional. Timea Gardnier had scored all four points, due to the defense of South Carolina. By the end of the period the Gamecocks kept a 18-14 over the Oregon State Beavers.

The key to South Carolina’s lead was their play inside the paint. Scoring 12 of their 18 points. The Gamecocks were containing Raegan Beers as well. For the remaining of the half Oregon State kept the game fairly close. Lil Hansford connected on three three pointers. Trimming South Carolina’s lead to 37-33 by the end of the half.

For the second half South Carolina remain dominate over Oregon State. Raven Johnson three point shot change the game. Leading South Carolina went on a 9-0 run. The would not rebound from South Carolina’s lead. Losing 70-58 to the Gamecocks.

Following the game Coach Dawn Staley expressed how grateful she is that they are going to the final four. Stating that she was happy for the team, and that they need to enjoy this. Up next for the Gamecocks is NC State.

POST GAME QUOTES: I don’t know but I like it go ahead take this spotlight, and put it somewhere else. Let this team continue to thrive in a space that they are giving. Hopefully at the end of the day I’m hoping that we give people a whole lot to talk about.”

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