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Rhode Island Rams Defeat Maine, 26-22

Rhode Island Rams Defeat Maine, 26-22


Going into Saturdays game both teams were looking to rebound from tough loses. Maine was coming off a difficult loss to top seeded Richmond. Rhode Island was also looking to rebound from a difficult defeat. As they lost in the final seconds of last weeks game to William and Mary.

From the start of the game Maine was setting the tone. On the first drive the Black Bears drove on a 20 yard play. Main put together a 64 yard drive that took up 9 minutes and 38 seconds. Although it ended with a field goal, it set the tone for most of the game. Due to Maine defense, the Rams offense was out of rhythm. The Black Bears continued their methodical and physical play. In the second quarter the Black Bears put together a 15 plays, 91 yard drive. This took 6 minutes and 15 seconds off the clock. The drive ended with running back Elijah Barnwell running in for two yards. Giving Maine a 10-0 lead.

For the most part it looked liked Maine had this game pretty much in control. Until the end of the first half. With 1:45 left in the half, Rhode Island completes a two play 67 yard drive. The drive ended with Quarterback, Kasim Hill completing a 63 yard pass to wide receiver Ed Hill. Rams cut the lead from 10 to 7 (10-7). Maine responded by driving down the field and to ultimately kick a FG. The damage was done the momentum swung to the Rams side.

The Second Half

Rhode Island picked up right where they left off at. On their first drive the Rams put together a 10 play 66 yard drive. This resulted in Kasim Hill scoring on a 7 yard touchdown run. Giving the Rams a 14-13 lead. For the next few drives it seemed both teams were getting stops on the defensive side of the ball. Maine finally broke through. Midway through the third quarter the Black Bears answered Rhode Island opening second half drive. With a methodical drive of their own. Ending with Quarterback Joe Fagnano completing a 18 yard pass to tight end Rohan Jones, giving the Bears a 19-14 lead.

They attempted to go for the two point conversion and failed. This would come back to bite them later. Rhode Island responded by putting together a three play 75 yard drive. That took one minute and ten seconds. Which gave them back the lead 20-19. Maine would combat it and take the lead back again. Methodically moving down the field and taking time off the clock. Their last drive consisted of a 12 play 58 yard drive that took 6min 25sec off the clock. Which ended with kicker Cody Williams making a 39 yard field goal.

The 22-20 lead that Maine had would not last long. Once again Rhode Island struck in quick fashion. The Rams went no huddle. Driving 75 yards in just seven plays. In just 2 minutes and sixteen seconds, giving them a 26-22 lead. That score was basically the nail in the coffin. Which is why Maine going for the two point conversion earlier came back to haunt them. Their play calling and the way they would have called the plays on that last drive might have been different, if they going for field goal/tie, rather than for a touchdown for the win/lead.


Post Game

Team Stats

Game StatsMAIURI
Total Yards309393
Pass Yards126244
Rushing Yards183149
Penalty Yards5-344-32
1st Downs2119
3rd Downs7-165-11
4th Downs2-22-2
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