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UAlbany Homecoming Win Over Rhode Island

UAlbany Homecoming Win Over Rhode Island

For week eight there were a few critical match ups in the CAA conference. The results of these games would have a direct impact on the teams in the middle of the pack. Two of those teams were Rhode Island and Albany. Rhode Island was coming into the game 4-3. Looking to rebound from their tough loss to Richmond 24-1. 

UAlbany was also looking to rebound from a loss to New Hampshire. Like the Rams they had a lead, and then gave it up in the second half to fall to 4-3. UAlbany was also looking to move up in the conference before last week’s loss. This game was critical. Whichever team lost would have their playoff dreams crushed.

From the beginning of the game the Great Danes set the tone. As they started off with a seven play seventy five yard drive. Which resulted in a touchdown, by running back Griffin Woodell. With a 7-0 lead the Great Danes followed it up on the next drive. Having another successful drive that resulted in a ten yard touchdown pass from Reese Poffenbarger to Julian Hicks. This would be just the beginning of Poffenbarger to Hicks.

The duo hooked up again in the second half for an 85 yard touchdown pass. By the end of the half, Hicks had seven receptions for 188 yards. What was shocking was that once Hicks got going Rhode Island did not make any adjustments. The Rams defensively did not seem to make any adjustments at all and it showed. 

With so many seconds left on the clock the Rams continued to be played in man coverage. This led to a Brevin Easton 83 yard touchdown pass from Resse Poffenbarger. This score would give the Great Danes a 28-3 lead at halftime.

Once the second half started the Great Danes never looked back. Rhode Island was one dimensional at this point. They only had three points coming into the second half. They could not get anything going offensively. The defense was keeping them in check as they held quarterback Kasim Hill to under 300 yards. The Rams did not score until midway through the fourth quarter. By then the game was out of reach. 

The Great Danes on the other hand did not let up. They created a lot of pressure on Kasim Hill and they got stop’s. Their offense also complimented their defense efforts. By running the ball, and keeping their defense fresh. Having both Aiden and Woodell rushing for over 100 yards. The Great Danes finished with a 35-10 win. They are now 3-1 in the conference, and 5-3 overall. Having their playoff hopes still very much alive. 

They now have to go up to Maine on Saturday to face a Black Bear team. Who is looking to rebound from their previous loss to Campbell. If the Rams want to have any chance of playing past Week 12 then they have this next game against the Wildcats, stay tuned!

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