Stephanie Chehade Collection

Stephanie Chehade Collection


Stephanie Chehade is an Australian Fashion Designer based in Adelaide, South Australia. She debuted her Black Skirt Collection in 2014; it was from here that Australia began to follow her inspiring journey.

Stephanie’s collections are constantly evolving; her style is defined by beautiful fabrications and attention to detail, exploring the influences around her. Her Australian made pieces are sexy, feminine and timeless. Her collections embody luxurious silks, lace and organic fabrics with beautiful embellishing. The aim, to have high-end designs yet easy-to-wear pieces.

Her family background in fashion has inspired her too, to persue a career in this industry. Her Adelaide based womens wear brand ethos is to create clothing with sleek contours and bold silhouettes, tied back with modern simplicity.

Her upcoming collection is a celebration of always-moving forward, staying directional with a unique twist and continuing to be on a journey of self-discovery with a commitment to staying actively involved in every aspect of the label.

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