Savannah Banana Clothing x SBFW

Savannah Banana Clothing x SBFW

“​ 901 Productions is proud to present the 9th season of Small Boutique Fashion Week Runway Show and Market. SBFW is the only business oriented runway show and market geared toward small business owners, emerging designers, and novelty designers that are looking to get their start by selling to small boutiques and unique shops. Wish to participate in a show for that offers more then just exposure? Small Boutique Fashion Week has a history of enhancing the careers of our participants while displaying their beautiful designs in the most upscale and business oriented environment. We are searching for emerging designers that are eager to take their business to the next level during the NYC Fashion Week season & in SBFW Atlanta.”

Facebook: Savannah Banana Clothing
Instagram: @savannahbananasworld
Images by Mario Durane


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