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Camron Quickly Responds to @Taxstone Calling Him A Snitch (@Mr_Camron)

Camron Quickly Responds to @Taxstone Calling Him A Snitch (@Mr_Camron)

Early today Taxstone appeared on VladTV In which he began to break down his comments on 2Pac, and Camron being a “snitch”.

Camron quickly caught wind of this an responded via his IG @Mr_Camron

Lets go to the definition of “Snitching” according to the marriam-webster dictionary – Snitch (noun) – a person who tells someone in authority (such as the police or a teacher) about something wrong that someone has done : someone who snitches.

Camron went on in his IG to clarify that he went to jail for violating his probation for not snitching

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