Art Week Highlight Boston

Art Week Highlight Boston

Allen TEK Clanton, the new host of the web series “The Showcase” an Enveonline original series was at the opening day of the art week in Boston. This full week of arts & events for the public, for photographers and fashion entrepreneurs of all genres were welcome. Self T.O.T. productionin association with Push media DVD captured the behind the scenes footage and photos of the amazingly talented designers artist and models involved in the festivities of the week. 6et 1n 7ouch if you think you have what it takes to ShowCase your worth!! Stay Tuned. ArtWeek4










Images By Self T.O.T

ArtWeek is hitting the road this Spring thanks to an innovative new partnership between Clear Channel Outdoor and ArtWeek/Citi Performing Arts Center! Collaborating with the Massachusetts Cultural Council as the inaugural guest curator, huge roadside digital billboards will showcase art representing organizations in the arts, sciences, and humanities that are supported through the MCC’s Cultural investment Portfolio. Arts and creativity have the power to connect us and inspire us – and “ArtWeek on the Road” drives that point home. Artweek

Credit For Images and Story @SelfToTpro


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